Microsoft Azure Hosting

Microsoft Azure hosting gives you the security and flexibility to expand and develop your online presence and customer care; while knowing that your business is in safe hands.  And the best part, it that the Azure hosting service is all at a minimal cost. Although there are many alternatives to Azure, their multi-tiered plans let you pick the features that you need and want, and these are the only features you pay for. Not only this, but their high standards of support and security will have you resting easy at night, knowing that you have made the right choice in hosting with Microsoft Azure. You can learn more about what Azure is here. If you are already availing yourself of this great opportunity then you may have noticed some recent changes with the introduction of a number of new features, but rest assured that your price plan and the personalised features of your applications will not have changed.


Microsoft Azure backup is a secure and flexible way to protect your applications. It is preferable to long term retention on traditional storage media for large amounts of data. With less costs and shorter recovery times, Microsoft Azure cloud backup is a much better option. Your information and that of your customers is protected and secure, with minimal cost and maximum efficiency. Built in features include encryption, compression, bandwidth throttling, and longer retention. This is just one of the many Microsoft Azure benefits that is available to your business.

Help and Support

Microsoft Azure support offers flexibility and options for all of its customers, whether you are just starting out your business or you are an already established company. The separate packages available to you, are tailored to give you the best possible tools to increase your productivity, reduce costs, and support your application development.

Each pricing tier has its own plan and each of these includes different features and tools to help you make the most out of the platform. The plans go from Free, Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and up to Premier. The higher your price plan, the faster the support and the more features are included in your package. As well as English, Azure support can be provided in local languages as well.


Microsoft Azure security begins from the ground up. This is implemented with the Secure Development Lifecycle, which ensures that every phase of the development process meets all security requirements, and this is a compulsory system. It is built on trusted technology and a global incident response team is on hand 24/7 to respond to any perceived threats.

Within the identity and access category, Microsoft Azure uses multi-faceted authentication solutions to make log in and access more secure. Encryption and key management is essential to keep customers safe and secure, and you also have the option to add your own encryptions and safeguard your own key. There are many aspects of the Azure security system that allows them to monitor potential threats on a 24 hour basis. Microsoft conducts regular tests to ensure that the Azure security is at the high standard that is required by a modern cloud service platform.