Hosted Exchange Server

Hosted Exchange servers are servers where the hosted service provider makes a Microsoft email box and provides available space so clients can host mail data on their servers. These servers specialise in hosting email, calendars, and tasks. Hosted servers are incredibly useful because they give individuals the extensive benefits of using servers without having to worry about the costs of purchasing and maintaining them on their own. Needless to say a hosted exchange server UK based is best for UK businesses.

A terminal server is a server that allows multiple people to log into it simultaneously while giving the impression of individual desktops. It allows for portability, allowing people to access this “desktop” from laptops, other computers or mobile devices. It also allows you to update programs on one computer, allowing for it to be updated for each person who is logged in using that program. A hosted terminal server is the same idea, it is just hosted on an offsite location and is maintained by your cloud provider.

If you like playing Minecraft, you may have considered the option of having your own server. A hosted Minecraft server allows you to have a server set up for you automatically, with minimum knowledge and as it is hosted you don’t have to look after and manage it yourself. Another benefit is that you can control who can log onto your personal, hosted server.

A dedicated hosted server is a server that is hosted offsite at a data center and dedicated specifically for your individual or business needs. Dedicated servers are beneficial as a high performance, secure server that offers email stability and control. These can be very expensive and are usually used by people who experience high volumes of traffic. For smaller businesses, a dedicated hosted server is a much better option than trying to manage your own server. Dedicated hosted servers are useful because you have a dedicated machine for your business giving you unparalleled control, speed and security without having to cover the costs of resources like power and maintenance.

Hosted Linux servers are pretty much exactly the same as a hosted Microsoft exchange server. The main difference being that Linux programs work much better on Linux servers. Linux servers use a different control panel and file names, but generally whether or not you choose a Linux-based server is dependent on your own personal preferences. Linux-based servers are often preferred by web servers, since Linux-based hosting is more popular. This means that it offers more of the features that appeal to web designers. Some people believe that Linux is a more secure operating system, but in reality both Windows and Linux are equally secure.

Having a server hosted for you is the best option to choose. Hosted servers give users the benefits of having servers but without all of the hassle. Hosted servers are maintained by the providers that you pay your monthly or yearly fee to, and you are renting out their physical hardware so you do not have to purchase your own. It is also a money saver in the long run, as you do not have to pay to have the hardware maintained or for a back-up server or have the space to put them in along with the air conditioning that is often required. It may even be possible for you to get a free hosted exchange server.

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