Hosted and Dedicated Server Solutions

In today’s business world, companies are reliant on their servers. Servers come in a variety of different options and it is important that businesses take the time and do their research to find the best-hosted server solutions for them. Thankfully, these options also present you with a range of prices so that you can find one that matches your budget, giving you what you need at a price that you can afford.

It can take a considerable amount of research to find the right options for you. A simpler solution is to hire a hosting professional such as us to help you with this potentially overwhelming task. Even if you are a larger business, hosted server solutions may still be the right option for you. Through hosted servers, you can reap the benefits without the cost. It is worth noting that British companies are best choosing a hosted server UK based as this gives you higher speed than ones based overseas (it saves time on the round trip).

A hosted exchange server is a server that specialises in hosting email, calendars, and tasks while also seamlessly integrating into your active directory environment. These servers can handle thousands of email accounts, and run on high-powered machines. Exchange servers can make sense for small to medium businesses and more complex corporations looking to run an email system. If you are an individual or small business that wants to take advantage of the benefits of an exchange server without having to absorb the high costs of one, a hosted Exchange server is a great option for you. If you do not need all of these extra features, there are other hosted mail server options to choose from.

A hosted virtual server gives a person the benefit of having a server without the costs of actually purchasing the physical hardware. Virtual servers allow for more than one server to run on a physical server, which is great for those people who are just looking to host a single website. By sharing the physical hardware with other people, you can avoid the high costs of purchasing a dedicated machine. A dedicated server is more suited for businesses with high traffic or if you need servers for specific intensive tasks. An individual and most small businesses are able to get away with solely using hosted virtual servers.

A hosted monitoring server is a server that runs web applications from your cloud server. It provides an easy way to monitor your servers, your PC network and the programs on it. These servers can save you coordination headaches and ensure peak performance.

SQL server is a Microsoft database platform that usually requires more resources than a regular server. It serves as the backend of a lot of different programs, allowing you to collect inputted information. By using a hosted SQL server, you do not have to worry about infrastructure. Also, it is easily backed up to help maintain your data.

Hosted server pricing can vary greatly depending on your needs. You will have to pay for each of the hosted services, which are often either monthly or yearly costs. This does give you the freedom to only pay for what you need to. For instance, if you only need a hosted web server you can skimp on some of the options. This is entirely up to you and your needs.


A hosted server is just like having a physical server but it is hosted elsewhere, allowing you to essentially rent out the provider’s space and equipment for your needs without needing to purchase them yourself. This is a huge money saver in the long run, allowing you to save money on resources like power, cooling, and maintenance.