Hosted Remote Desktop

Why hosted desktops deserve a try

You might not be familiar with hosted desktop services.  We typically supply them to successful businesses that are expanding, and need a scalable IT solution but want to keep costs to a minimum.

Let me ask you:

  • Are you frustrated by rising IT infrastructure and maintenance costs?
  • Do you feel limited by your IT?
  • Do your staff need access to key information away from the office?

If so, a hosted desktop solution from Offsite Servers might be right for you.  While this solution isn’t perfect for every business where it is the right answer a company can grow rapidly while keeping its IT expenditure to a minimum.

A hosted desktop is a cutting-edge virtualisation technique that renders a local desktop installation from a remote server on any internet enabled device.  This allows you to have the applications, software and even the operating system you need on the connected device whether it is a desktop, laptop, thin client, tablet or smartphone.

This solution offers a number a number of benefits including:

Financial Savings

The use of Hosted Desktop Services and Solutions can considerably reduce the costs of software licenses and supporting fixed desktops and laptops.  Significant money can be saved as this solution allows you to streamline your I.T. administration including security management and software updates.

Increased Productivity

Cloud computing can improve productivity by up to twenty percent.  Hosted desktops allow effective remote working regardless of the location.  It not only increases productivity but also allows companies to reduce overheads and opens an avenue for flexible working.


Hosted desktops allow busy business owners to log on to their desktops anywhere giving them the complete suite of software applications and data they need at their fingertips.  You have the power to work with databases, accounting packages, files, applications and e-mail anywhere you have an internet enabled device.

Improved Cash Flow

The use of a Hosted Windows Server to render your hosted desktops eliminates the need for capital outlay on physical servers.  A Hosted Windows Server offers you the benefit of low, fixed, pay-as-you-go monthly payments, which give you improved cash flow and more predictable budgeting.

Greener Working

Hosted desktop utilisation reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to thirty percent for large-sized businesses.  These significant savings are attributed to optimised equipment efficiency, fewer machines, and not needing climate controlled rooms for in-house servers.

Workforce Collaboration

Hosted desktops served by Hosted Windows Servers give you a higher level of efficiency.  This is because employees who can share the latest version of their selected data and applications can significantly improve communication and efficiency.

This strategy only becomes feasible when the management team fully understands the use of hosted desktops.  The best way to facilitate this understanding is using a Hosted Desktop Demo.  Contact us to find out more. 

Enhanced Security 

This strategy also gives you enhanced data security as everything is stored on a hosted windows server rather than on a fixed desktop or laptop which can be stolen and hacked.  Your data is held on a physically secure server with backup power from generators if needed and around the clock security.  The data is also very electronically secure as it sits behind leading-edge firewalls and is backed up on a daily basis.

Hosted desktops give your business numerous benefits and with flexible pricing options they can fit even small budgets.  Contact Claire today on 0121 270 6591 for more information or to arrange a Hosted Desktop Demo.