What is a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted desktops, otherwise known as cloud desktops, citrix desktops, allow you to work remotely from any device, anywhere in the world at any time, with an Internet connection whilst viewing and working on a familiar known desktop. Book a demo with us today.

Work from anywhere – access your IT data and applications from anywhere at any time with an Internet-enabled device and Internet connection.
IT integration – combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices and enable your staff to work remotely.
Reduce your IT costs – no need for expensive IT hardware, anti-virus software, licence renewals and external IT support. Savings of up to 50% over a three-year period can easily be achieved.
Save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint – save an estimated £94 per annum on electricity per server, and £60 per annum on electricity by replacing a PC with a thin client.
IT support – we will become your outsourced IT department and you will no longer have to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware and dealing with day-to-day IT issues.
Security and reliability – all data is stored in secure data centres and we use the same industry-standard SSL encryption as that used for online banking and secure payments.
Work from multiple devices, laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, android, apple, PC and be presented with the same desktop and applications you are used to seeing on any of the devices.
Do you spend a lot of time managing your legacy IT. Do you waste hours and hours when you should be making the business money. Hosted Desktops are the most efficient way of working.
Business continuity – our backups and replication ensure that in the event of a disaster your business can continue as normal.
Microsoft Office Applications Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Onenote from any device, anywhere at any time.
Bespoke applications, does your business have a 'special' application you have been told will not work in the cloud? Call us, we have a huge success rate of getting any application to work from any device... we haven't been beaten yet!
BYOD (Bring your own device) Do you have casual staff that you would like to bring into the business and let them use their own device securely? We can help you achieve this.