Welcome to the Future - the Future is Hosted Services

Switching to The Cloud is a smart move. Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider The Cloud

Damaged Computer?

Computers can fail - what happens if you damage your computer?

Hardware or software failures often happen when you least expect it. You’re completing that important task and you see the ‘screen of death’ What do you do?

If all of your applications are on that computer, you’re basically stuck.

But with all of your stuff available anywhere, on ANY machine – even on your smartphone – what could have been disastrous really isn’t so bad after all, in fact you’ll be back up in minutes.

And back closing the deal.

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Once you've switched to The Cloud,
you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Why switch to The Cloud?

And why us?

If we were to list all the reasons why switching to cloud hosting is a good idea, we'd be here all day - and we know your time is precious to you, so in a nutshell, these are the things you should consider:-

The main advantage of cloud hosting is technology. We won't get all 'techie', however, suffice to say, the way the cloud works is very different to having everything on one device. Space is an obvious advantage. Your disc space usage is kept to a minimum. But more than that, you won't be tied to that one device anymore

This means you''ll be far more productive. If you're away from the office and need to access an important document - what do you do? With cloud based services it's easy, you just use whatever device you have available, be it your smartphone, tablet - or any other device.

Why us?

Our business is built on excellence. We have many years of experience in providing businesses with IT solutions, investing in the best technology available.

Our team has been hand picked for their professionalism, dedication and experience. You simply won't find a better service.

When selecting a company to work with it's important to establish that company's record - their reputation and experience. Our sister company - Preventa Ltd has an excellent reputation for providing IT solutions to quality businesses just like yours.

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When you use Facebook, Linkedin, Dropbox, icloud etc.

you are using a cloud based solution.