General Questions

1Using the Offsite Servers ticket system
Click HERE to download get the easy to use guide on how to get started with our ticket system.
2How do I connect to my Office 365 account?
Office 365 has a web portal to view emails and to install your desktop applications... Click HERE to go there now... From here you can change your password, install Microsoft applications on other devices that you may own.
3My broadband is slower than normal: what can I do?
Don't forget that broadband speeds fluctuate throughout the day. Just like catching a train, the carriages are full at peak periods. If these fluctuations are a real problem for your business then consider a faster connection. Call us on 0121 272 2030 for options. But if you're getting slow speeds constantly, there are three broad possibilities: there's a major fault in your area, something has changed in your premises, which is causing your broadband to run more slowly than it should do, or there's a fault with your connection somewhere.
  • Is there a fault in the area? - Speak to your broadband provider about this.
  • Do an internet speedtest, there are two that we recommend, 1. BT and 2. Speedtest
  • Try a using an ethernet cable instead of wireless internet.
  • If you have a broadband with a microfilter, try swapping for another.
  • Try a different computer on the same connection.
If none of this is working, raise a support ticket with us and we will try to assist, charges may apply depending on what support contract you have with us. Fed up of pay as you go charges? Ask us about support contract options.
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